Debunking the Myths About Fi-core / Beck Status

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What is Fi-core/Beck status?
A person with Fi-core status is considered by the union to be a “dues paying non-member.” You retain certain rights of a member, including maintaining pension and health and welfare benefits. A person with Fi-core status can legally work union and non-union sessions/gigs.
How do I assert my Fi-core/Beck status rights?
This process can be handled electronically or in person at the Local. There are two steps:
  1. As a member in good standing, write a letter to the union saying you want to resign from the union in good standing and reapply for Fi-core/Beck status.
  2. Submit a new membership application.  Cross off “Membership” and write in “Fi-core/Beck Status.” The union cannot refuse Fi-core/Beck Status and must give immediate effect to your application. If you belong to more than one Local, you must follow the same procedure with each. Your Local will inform you of your pro-rated Beck status dues.
Important Fi-core/Beck Status details:
Fi-core musicians pay only that share of union dues chargeable for the cost of union administration, collective bargaining, contract representation and to matters that are germane to representation. Expenses involving political, social and ideological activities of the union are not chargeable. Fi-core musicians cannot attend union meetings, vote, or run for union office. The names of Fi-core musicians do not appear in the directory. However, Fi-core musicians hired on a union CBA are permitted to use union rehearsal facilities for that job.
Will I be discriminated against if I assert my Fi-core/Beck status rights?
No. Based on Federal labor law, it is illegal for a union or contractor to disclose your status or harass you based on your Fi-core/Beck Status.
Will I keep the valuable rights accumulated before electing Fi-core/Beck status?
Yes. You will retain your current pension and health care benefits, and continue receiving payments for reuse, foreign markets, and secondary market funds. No one can take that from you!
What if I don’t belong to a union?
No problem. Should you wish to work on a union job, the contractor will Taft-Hartley you into the union for that job and any other union jobs within a 30-day period. After that, if you wish to continue to do union and non-union work, you would join the union, resign in good standing and reapply for Fi-core/Beck Status. See above:  “How do I assert my Fi-core/Beck status rights?”
Access the Beck Status application on the AFM website. The Beck Status application is the same form as for AFM Membership. Cross off the word Membership and write in Beck Status. Sign in all three places. A resignation letter must accompany the application, such as, “I’m resigning in good standing and applying for Beck Status in order to accept both union and non-union work without penalty or repercussion.” One loses voting rights, use of rehearsal space, and AFM directory listing. However, union dues are reduced and new streams of work may increase.

For the Beck Status Application, click and follow the instructions listed above.

For more information on Fi-core/Beck status go to: | |

These statements are not intended as legal advice and are for informational purposes only.

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